Seeing Yourself Falling in a dream is
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Falling from an Ass : If a person sees himself as mounting and riding an ass and then falling from it means his sound status will take an unexpected shift for the worse. Possibly he will die. 


Falling Stars : Stars falling from the sky means that if the observer of the dream is rich, he will lose all his money and become poor. And if he is poor, he will perish as a martyr. 

Incident - Rain falling only on the Head : It was told to Imam Jafar (RA) that a man dreamed that rain was falling only over his head. He said: “A really sinful person has seen this dream. Hasn't he listened to this verse of the Holy Quran? : We sent down rains upon them, thus those who were warned, a calamitous rain had fallen on them”. 

A Brick Falling from a Wall : A brick falling from a wall means a male or female member of his family will either get lost or flee or die. 

Falling into a Well : Climbing down into the well or falling into it indicates he will be afflicted with anxiety and sadness but will eventually witness comfort and happiness due to his success. This is in light of the story of Hazrath Yusuf (AS). 

Incident - Teeth Falling Out in a Dream : Sharik bin Abi Shamr came to Sa'id bin Al-Musayyib and said: "I viewed all my teeth falling out in a dream." Sa'iid bin Al-Musayyib answered: "What a disaster! If your dream is authentic, it signifies that all your relatives will die before you." Thus, Sa'id interpreted teeth from the root of the word canines (e.g., the family of, or relations, clans, followers, or age.). 

A Door Falling : A door seen falling symbolizes that the viewer will first become sick then recover his health. 

Incident - Falling Down From High Height: A person saw himself in a dream falling down from a high height. When he woke up, he said to himself: "I will evade going out of my home or seeing people for a while." During the midst of the evening of that very day, a dear friend came to see him and called him from downstairs. When the man stood up to see through the window, the shutters broke, and he befell with them. 


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