SEEING GOLD IN A DREAM IS                              RELATED TO TORMENT


Gold in a dream: if a man sees gold in a dream, he may receive sadness and anxiety / if a woman sees gold in a dream, she may receive peace and harmony.


Taking gold in your hand / touching gold: you may receive happiness and profit.


Giving gold to someone from your hand: give charity otherwise problems may fall over you.


Jewelry of Gold in a dream: you may receive respect.


Wearing gold jewelry: if a man wears gold jewelry in a dream, he may fall into problems / if a woman wears gold jewelry in a dream, she may receive money and may soon have a baby.


Wearing gold earrings: if a woman wears gold earrings in a dream, if the earring is in one ear, she may acquire knowledge and learn Quran / if the earrings are in both the ears, it means she is extremely beautiful. 


A man selling gold: your problems may get resolved / your all sadness & anxiety may go away.


A man selling gold: you will do bad deeds / you may commit sins.


A woman selling gold: you may gain benefits / you may have a baby soon / your all sadness & anxiety may go away / your worries may go away.


Selling gold to a woman:  you may lose a baby / you may receive pain and sorrow / you may into troubles.


Found gold in dream: you may become a leader / you may become rich.


Eating gold in a dream: the more gold you have eaten in the dream, the more money you may spend on your family.


Molding or melting gold in a dream: this dream is not good. The dreamer must give sadaqah or charity / must offer prayers and do good deeds so that the problems may go away.


Seeing a goldsmith melting or selling or buying gold in a dream: it means you may meet bad / liar / dishonest person.


Seeing gold fallen here & there: you may fall into trouble / you may get ruined.


Taking a pile of gold to your house: You may become rich.


Found gold coins in dream: you may soon have a baby / you are doing good deeds / you may become rich / you become successful in both the world and the deen.


Seeing silver along with gold in a dream: you may become rich / you may receive fame and respect.


Wearing a gold ring in a dream: if for a woman, she may receive higher status / she may become rich / she may become a leader / IF for a man, this dream is bad and opposite to woman.


Selling a gold ring in a dream: you may divorce your spouse / your properties will be sold.


Seeing a gold ring getting broke in dream: ----------ye ehlo ayal se mufalkat ikhtyar hone ki ilamat hai =========


Gold ring falling or getting lost: you may fall into troubles / you may lose your status.


Seeing your teeth as gold teeth: you may face regrets and pain.


Seeing Idols made up of gold: you will lose your imaan / you may take wrong path  and become misguided / you may collect money.


Wearing gold anklet in a dream: if a woman sees this dream, She may become rich / IF a man sees this dream, he may be disrespected and dishonored.


Seeing a gold crown: If a woman sees the crown on her head, she may receive respect / she may find a husband / IF a man sees the crown on his head,  he may receive respect.


Seeing gold tika(forehead jewelry): If a man sees the dream, he may marry a beautiful woman / he may receive benefits which may rise his house’s respect / he may have peace / IF a married woman sees the dream, she may receive respect from her husband / IF an unmarried woman sees the dream, she may marry soon.


Seeing gold treasure in a dream: you may soon fall ill / you may get ruined / you may receive sadness and anxiety.


Seeing a door made up of gold: you may marry a good spouse / you may become poor.


Seeing a house made up of gold: your house may catch fire / -----------khana suzi ki bhi nishani hai ==========


Seeing a gold mine: you may find treasure / you may become rich / you may do lots of good deeds / you may gain knowledge.


Wearing gold bracelets:  IF a man wears them, he may become poor / IF a woman wears them, she may receive money from her husband.


Wearing gold bracelets in feet:  you may have a gentle baby soon / IF a woman sees this dream, she have become careless from her husband.


Seeing gold chain in a dream: you may marry an intelligent/beautiful spouse you may receive higher status in religion.


Seeing a gold necklace: you may receive money / you may receive peace and harmony / you may have a baby soon.


Seeing a bride wearing gold jewelry: you may receive money / you may have a baby soon.


Seeing gold getting stolen: You may suffer loss in money and property.


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