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Seeing a Gift

in a dream is related To Status & Respect

Seeing yourself buying a Gift in a dream: Receiving good news / achieving higher status in society / The matters getting resolved / Receiving love and respect.

Seeing yourself selling a Gift (with intention of business) in a dream: Removal of worries / Development in business / Winning in all matters/  loss of respect and status / Getting problems and worries.

Seeing a Gift getting stolen in a dream: Facing difficulties / loss of respect and status / going to have much loss.

Seeing a Gift getting miss in a dream:  Facing problems / loss in business / Facing huge loss and difficulties.

Seeing your Gift found then it was stolen or missed in a dreamReceiving or achieving higher status / The problems getting resolved / you will have increment in property and money.

Seeing yourself stealing a Gift in a dreamSoon you are going to fall into trouble / get defamed / the destruction of the life of the hereafter.

Seeing a Gift getting destroyed or drawn in a dreamReceiving worries / loss in status and respect / becoming poor.

Seeing yourself giving Gifts to children in a dream Getting happiness / achieving status in society /  getting peace and prosperity.

Seeing yourself giving Gift to your loved once, Friends, Relatives, on special occasions like a wedding or being successful in a dream Resolving of all problems / achieving high status and respect in society / receiving of good news / increase in love from your dear ones.

Seeing yourself giving Gift on birthday in a dream: Removal of worries / development in business /  getting the win in matters.

Seeing yourself giving a Gift to an elder in a dreamAchieving one's heart desire / higher status in society.

Seeing yourself getting a Gift on your Birthday in a dreamRemoval of worries / receive peace and harmony / higher status and respect.

Seeing yourself getting a Gift on your marriage, getting successful on some special occasion: Recovering from illness / receiving higher status / removal of worries / fulfilling of one's heart desire / getting married to one's love.

Seeing Yourself accepting a Gift in a dream: Increase in love / becoming a good person / increase in respect / receiving good news.

Seeing yourself rejecting a Gift in a dreamLoss in business / getting worried and problems / getting defame.

Seeing yourself receiving back your Gift/ Getting your gift rejected by someone in a dreamReceiving worries / falling from status


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