Seeing Fish in a dream is related to Richness and happiness!

Seeing a fish in a dream : You may get loot money(maal e ghanimat) / You may get a woman / you may get respect and status in society


Seeing a big fish (1 or 2): if you have seen one face then it means you may get one woman / if you have seen two fishes then you may get two women / you may get money and richness


Seeing many big fishes in a dream: the more number of fishes you have seen,R the richer you may become.


Seeing a small fish in a dream: if you have seen small fish in a dream it means that you may receive sorrow and anxiety / the more small fishes you have seen, the more sadness you may receive.


Seeing yourself caught a fish from the ocean (1 or 2 fishes): if you have caught one or two fishes without net then it means that you may get married soon, it is according to the fish ,the more beautiful the fish is the more beautiful spouse you may get / the bigger the fish you have caught, the richer you may become /

*According to some other interpreters it means that you may get some benefit or status from a leader or ruler.


Seeing yourself caught fishes from the ocean (more than 2 fishes): you may get loot money, according to the numbers of fishes / you may become rich according to the number of fishes.


Seeing yourself catching a fish from the sea: you may receive peace and harmony / you may recover from illness, if any.


Seeing yourself catching a 1 or 2 fishes from the sea: if you are unmarried then that married soon / if you are married then you may become rich.


Seeing yourself catching more than 2 fishes from the sea: you may get loot money / you may become very rich.


Seeing a big or huge fish like whale in a dream: if the number of fishes is higher you may get very rich / if number of fishes is 1 or 2 then you may marry a beautiful woman / if this dream is seen by a woman then she may marry a handsome man / you may get benefit from righteous man or woman.


Seeing yourself buying fish in a dream: you may become very rich / you may get married.


Seeing yourself selling a fish: you may gain benefit / you may become happy.


Seeing yourself catching fish from river: you may get happiness / your status may be raised / you may become rich / if only 1 or 2 fishes have been caught then for an unmarried person this dream means he may get married / if only one or two fishes have been caught for a married person this dreams mean he may become rich / if more than 2 fishes have been caught then you may become very rich.


Seeing yourself eating cooked meat of a fish: you may get money from a woman / you may get loot money / you may become rich.

*According to some other dream interpreters, this dream means you may get peace and harmony.


Seeing a scary fish in dream: the more scarier fish you have seen , the more problems may fall upon you.


Seeing a fish attacking you : you may get sorrow and anxiety / you may have worries


Seeing yourself getting eaten by a fish:  you may get imprisoned / you may get into some trouble / you may suffer loss because of your enemy.


Seeing yourself coming out of fish's stomach / fish coming out of your stomach: you may recover from illness / you may get released if you are under in imprisonment / you may get peace and harmony / you may get domination over your enemy.


Seeing yourself getting scared of fish: you may fall ill / you may receive sorrow and anxiety.




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