Seeing Dog in a dream is related to Enemy !

Seeing yourself getting bitten by a dog: It means you may suffer loss from an enemy.


Seeing your dress getting dirty by dog's saliva: it means you may suffer a loss due to enemy's words.


Seeing your dress getting torn by a dog: It means you may suffer a loss in money.


Seeing a dog eating meat: It means you may dominate and get rid of the enemy.


Seeing yourself giving a piece of bread or tortilla to a dog: It means your money may increase.


Seeing a dog coming towards you: It means your enemy may be greedy.


Seeing a dog barking over you: It means you may trust an enemy who is harmful to you.


Seeing yourself drinking the milk of a bitch(female dog):  It means you may face worries and destruction.


Seeing yourself chasing a dog away: It means you may be a danger for the enemy


Seeing a bitch entering your home: It means you may marry an extremely bad woman / It means you may marry a woman with lack of confidence


Seeing yourself hunting with a hunting dog: It means you may gain benefit from an intelligent enemy


Seeing yourself eating the meat of hunting dog: It means you may get the inheritance


If the hunting dog fleed from you: It means you may get separate from a bad enemy.


Seeing a dog in a dream is due to 4 reasons:


1- Enemy


2- Greedy ruler.


3- Intelligent person


4- Back-biter




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