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                                        Seeing a Baby in a Dream

Seeing a baby being born in a dream : Receiving a piece of good news / Removal of sorrow.

Seeing a beautiful baby boy being born : Get a job or status / receiving money

Seeing a baby boy on your hands or on lap : Become rich / Help from the unseen.

Seeing a beautiful baby boy of someone else : It is a symbol of something good going to happen soon. 

Seeing an unknown or unidentified baby : will face problems / fall into worries.

Seeing an unknown and weak baby boy : will fall ill / will receive sorrow.

Seeing your baby boy ill :  will receive sorrow.

Seeing yourself taking your baby boy on your lap : will become the leader or owner of someplace.

Seeing the reflection/mirror of your baby boy : a Brother will be born new

Seeing a known baby boy : Removal of sorrow / a baby will be born / receiving a piece of good news

Seeing a resting baby : Dominating over the enemy / get successful.

Seeing a baby dying : Forgiven for the previous sins.

Seeing yourself loving a baby : You are loved by everyone / You are a person with respect and honor.

Seeing an ugly baby : you will soon fall into trials

Seeing a baby on a hammock : will receive money.

Seeing a baby drinking milk : Receive blessing in business and money / you are a good and righteous person.

Seeing a baby crying : will face problems / receive a piece of sorrow and worries.

Seeing your baby more beautiful : will receive money /  Help from the unseen / receive peace.

Seeing your baby gone missing : will face problems / receive a piece of sorrow and worries./ become poor.

Seeing a very beautiful baby : will receive money / freedom from worries and starvation /  happiness.

Seeing a baby doing toilet : earning or receiving haraam money.

Seeing a baby urinating :  If the person who has seen the dream is poor, then he will become rich.
                                         If the person who has seen the dream is rich, then he will become poor.
                                         If the person who has seen the dream is under debt, then he will become free                                             from it.

Seeing a naked baby : will receive money.

Seeing yourself giving a bath to baby : the one who has seen the dream is trying to avoid sins.


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