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Star ï¿½ • Manipulating or seizing the stars and putting them on one’s knees: The dreamer will become a leader, a judge, or a king, if eligible. Otherwise, he will become an astronomer. 
• Stars falling on the head of a sick person:  (1) He will die.  (2) He will be assailed by creditors. 
• A star falling on a pregnant woman: She will give birth to a male or female child, depending on whether the star in question had a masculine or feminine name. It could also mean that the lady will die if there are other signs to this effect in the dream. 
• Seeing stars in daylight: Scandals and notoriety, major events, catastrophes, ‘failure to find suitors for one’s daughters, et cetera. 
Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars


Star ï¿½ (Astral; Celestial spheres; Constellation; Dog star; Moon; Procyon; Sirius; Stars) In a dream, a star represents the best and the most noble of people. Seeing the stars scintillating with lights and gathered inside one's house in a dream means that great people, or some of the leaders of the country will meet at that house. If the stars are gathered in one's house, and if their light is dimmed in the dream, it means that such people will secretly meet in that house under constraint, or because of a calamity. Holding a star in one's hand in a dream means begetting a noble son who will grow to be a great leader. Stealing a star in a dream means stealing a valuable thing. Seeing a star falling from the skies in a dream means that a calamity will befall that place and it will particularly affect the life of a great and noble person, or it could mean the death of the governor of that town.Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin


Star ï¿½ Stars symbolize people. Those that have a masculine name represent men; those with a feminine name allude to women. Big ones refer to notables, small ones to youths, children, or slaves. The ones the Arabs used as guiding marks when they moved in the desert are the Prophet Muhammad’s companions. Stars that had once upon a time been worshipped instead of God and were thus metamorphosed, says Ibn Siren, like the Dog Star or Sirius, Venus, and Canopus, symbolize irreligious and evil persons. For a king, the stars are his soldiers and followers; for a bride or a bridegroom the stars are her or his entourage. 
• Stars falling on earth or in the sea or burning out: Bloodshed and killings. 
Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars


Seeing Yourself Falling in a dream is
Related to 

Falling from an Ass : If a person sees himself as mounting and riding an ass and then falling from it means his sound status will take an unexpected shift for the worse. Possibly he will die. 


Falling Stars : Stars falling from the sky means that if the observer of the dream is rich, he will lose all his money and become poor. And if he is poor, he will perish as a martyr. 

Incident - Rain falling only on the Head : It was told to Imam Jafar (RA) that a man dreamed that rain was falling only over his head. He said: “A really sinful person has seen this dream. Hasn't he listened to this verse of the Holy Quran? : We sent down rains upon them, thus those who were warned, a calamitous rain had fallen on them”. 

A Brick Falling from a Wall : A brick falling from a wall means a male or female member of his family will either get lost or flee or die. 

Falling into a Well : Climbing down into the well or falling into it indicates he will be afflicted with anxiety and sadness but will eventually witness comfort and happiness due to his success. This is in light of the story of Hazrath Yusuf (AS). 

Incident - Teeth Falling Out in a Dream : Sharik bin Abi Shamr came to Sa'id bin Al-Musayyib and said: "I viewed all my teeth falling out in a dream." Sa'iid bin Al-Musayyib answered: "What a disaster! If your dream is authentic, it signifies that all your relatives will die before you." Thus, Sa'id interpreted teeth from the root of the word canines (e.g., the family of, or relations, clans, followers, or age.). 

A Door Falling : A door seen falling symbolizes that the viewer will first become sick then recover his health. 

Incident - Falling Down From High Height: A person saw himself in a dream falling down from a high height. When he woke up, he said to himself: "I will evade going out of my home or seeing people for a while." During the midst of the evening of that very day, a dear friend came to see him and called him from downstairs. When the man stood up to see through the window, the shutters broke, and he befell with them. 


       Monkey in a dream is related to a riotous            
       woman or a woman who practices magic.

Sitting next to a monkey: you may overcome and defeat your enemy.

Fighting a monkey: you may fall ill / you may recover from illness / your body may develop a disease which may not recoverable.

Getting scared of a monkey: you may fall ill and soon you may recover from illness / your body may develop a disease which may not recoverable.

Killing a monkey in a dream: you may defeat your enemy.

Eating the flesh of a monkey: Someone may become his enemy.

Beating monkey in a dream: you may fall ill and soon you may recover from illness.

Monkey sitting on a horse: A jewish person may argue with his/her spouse.

Monkey enters in the house: a woman may do magic inside the house.

Talking to a monkey: a woman may cause loss to you.

if a monkey bites you:  it means you may fall ill / you may be cursed or abused by your family.

Seeing a monkey giving or taking something from you to eat: You may waste your money.


            SEEING GOLD IN A DREAM IS                              RELATED TO TORMENT


Gold in a dream: if a man sees gold in a dream, he may receive sadness and anxiety / if a woman sees gold in a dream, she may receive peace and harmony.


Taking gold in your hand / touching gold: you may receive happiness and profit.


Giving gold to someone from your hand: give charity otherwise problems may fall over you.


Jewelry of Gold in a dream: you may receive respect.


Wearing gold jewelry: if a man wears gold jewelry in a dream, he may fall into problems / if a woman wears gold jewelry in a dream, she may receive money and may soon have a baby.


Wearing gold earrings: if a woman wears gold earrings in a dream, if the earring is in one ear, she may acquire knowledge and learn Quran / if the earrings are in both the ears, it means she is extremely beautiful. 


A man selling gold: your problems may get resolved / your all sadness & anxiety may go away.


A man selling gold: you will do bad deeds / you may commit sins.


A woman selling gold: you may gain benefits / you may have a baby soon / your all sadness & anxiety may go away / your worries may go away.


Selling gold to a woman:  you may lose a baby / you may receive pain and sorrow / you may into troubles.


Found gold in dream: you may become a leader / you may become rich.


Eating gold in a dream: the more gold you have eaten in the dream, the more money you may spend on your family.


Molding or melting gold in a dream: this dream is not good. The dreamer must give sadaqah or charity / must offer prayers and do good deeds so that the problems may go away.


Seeing a goldsmith melting or selling or buying gold in a dream: it means you may meet bad / liar / dishonest person.


Seeing gold fallen here & there: you may fall into trouble / you may get ruined.


Taking a pile of gold to your house: You may become rich.


Found gold coins in dream: you may soon have a baby / you are doing good deeds / you may become rich / you become successful in both the world and the deen.


Seeing silver along with gold in a dream: you may become rich / you may receive fame and respect.


Wearing a gold ring in a dream: if for a woman, she may receive higher status / she may become rich / she may become a leader / IF for a man, this dream is bad and opposite to woman.


Selling a gold ring in a dream: you may divorce your spouse / your properties will be sold.


Seeing a gold ring getting broke in dream: ----------ye ehlo ayal se mufalkat ikhtyar hone ki ilamat hai =========


Gold ring falling or getting lost: you may fall into troubles / you may lose your status.


Seeing your teeth as gold teeth: you may face regrets and pain.


Seeing Idols made up of gold: you will lose your imaan / you may take wrong path  and become misguided / you may collect money.


Wearing gold anklet in a dream: if a woman sees this dream, She may become rich / IF a man sees this dream, he may be disrespected and dishonored.


Seeing a gold crown: If a woman sees the crown on her head, she may receive respect / she may find a husband / IF a man sees the crown on his head,  he may receive respect.


Seeing gold tika(forehead jewelry): If a man sees the dream, he may marry a beautiful woman / he may receive benefits which may rise his house’s respect / he may have peace / IF a married woman sees the dream, she may receive respect from her husband / IF an unmarried woman sees the dream, she may marry soon.


Seeing gold treasure in a dream: you may soon fall ill / you may get ruined / you may receive sadness and anxiety.


Seeing a door made up of gold: you may marry a good spouse / you may become poor.


Seeing a house made up of gold: your house may catch fire / -----------khana suzi ki bhi nishani hai ==========


Seeing a gold mine: you may find treasure / you may become rich / you may do lots of good deeds / you may gain knowledge.


Wearing gold bracelets:  IF a man wears them, he may become poor / IF a woman wears them, she may receive money from her husband.


Wearing gold bracelets in feet:  you may have a gentle baby soon / IF a woman sees this dream, she have become careless from her husband.


Seeing gold chain in a dream: you may marry an intelligent/beautiful spouse you may receive higher status in religion.


Seeing a gold necklace: you may receive money / you may receive peace and harmony / you may have a baby soon.


Seeing a bride wearing gold jewelry: you may receive money / you may have a baby soon.


Seeing gold getting stolen: You may suffer loss in money and property.


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